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When you look for a carpet cleaning service to call, we know you are searching for more than just a cleaning that removes surface-level of dirt from the carpets in you Centennial, CO home. You’re searching for a carpet cleaning service that is able to get out deep-down dirt, grime, and stain while also being a safe and healthy option for your family that gives you the piece of mind of being clean and non-toxic. At Green Start Chem-Dry, our mission is to provide superior customer service to your family as well as a deeper, longer lasting cleaning service that leave your home looking fresh and renewed.

Green Start Chem-Dry Delivers a Deeper, Safer Carpet Cleaning That’s Healthier for Your Family

Our unique carpet cleaning process is based upon the concept that there had to be a healthier, more efficient way to clean carpets while also reducing the environmental impact that traditional steam carpet cleaning has. Ultimately, we came up with the solution when we developed The Natural®, our green-certified and non-toxic cleaning solution. The Natural® along with our unique equipment system are the pillars of our Hot Carbonating Extraction process, which delivers to you an unmatched carpet cleaning service. Our process leans upon the deep-cleaning capabilities of carbonation and uses 80% less water than a steam cleaning service, which both reduces the time it takes to dry and the risk of mold and mildew growing. The end result is a deeper, longer lasting clean for your Centennial, CO home and the piece of mind for you and your family.

Carpets Dry in only 1-2 Hours

By using less water, carpets naturally dry faster. So Green Start Chem-Dry uses a fraction of the water compared to the gallons of water that traditional steam cleaning companies use. Our low-moisture process combined with our carbonated cleaning solution penetrates deeper into carpets leaving them both cleaner and healthier. Your carpets will dry in a matter of hours instead of a couple of days. So you and your family are able to get back to every day life but in a cleaner, healthier home.

A Deeper Carpet Cleaning

Green Start Chem-Dry aims to help you and your family spend less time concerned about whether your carpets and furniture are clean & safe so that you can spend more time together in your healthy home. We use a green-certified cleaning solution that utilizes the bubbly properties of carbonation to really penetrate deep into the fibers of your carpet to break up dirt & grime. The bubbles then lift the dirt to the surface where our state-of-the-art equipment uses a heat extraction process to pull the dirt and water from your carpet. What’s left is a clean, safe, & non-toxic carpet for you and your family to enjoy.

Traditional steam carpet cleaners use soapy water and harsh chemicals in their cleaning solutions that leave behind a stick dirt-attracting residue, which results in your carpet re-soiling quickly and requiring more frequent carpet cleaning. At Green Start Chem-Dry, we give you a clean that simply lasts longer by avoiding these soaps, detergents and harsh chemicals with dirt-attracting residues.