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Between kids & pets or hosting friends and family or even just everyday living, you know that your upholstery is seeing a lot of traffic. Dust mites, allergens, germs, crumbs from food, stains & blemishes are nearly impossible to avoid with all of these people and animals. Actually, in homes that have carpet, nearly 80% of dust and dirt carried into your home could find its way to your upholstered furniture.  But you don’t have to just settle with dirty furniture.

Green Start Chem-Dry provides a refreshing, green-certified upholstery cleaning for homes in Aurora, CO & surrounding areas. When you choose our upholstery cleaning services, you are extending the life of your upholstered furniture as well as keeping it safe and healthy for your kids & pets. Our professionally trained upholstery cleaner will refresh & clean your couches, loveseats, chairs & more. With our quick drying cleaning process, your furniture will by dry in no time so that your family can be back on it again in no time.

You can trust that our upholstery cleaning services will remove the deepest stains and provide a longer lasting clean. Our services are also gentle enough that we never damage your furniture and keep it safe for your whole family.

Tested and Proven Results

In order to measure the performance and healthfulness of our unique cleaning process, Chem-Dry commissioned a leading independent laboratory to test our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process. Ultimately the lab discovered that our HCE upholstery cleaning process removes 99.1% of common household allergens, on average. Additionally, the lab also found that when a sanitizer is added to our process, it removes an average of 89% of airborne bacteria in your home as well, which significantly improves indoor air quality.

Clean Upholstered Furniture The Natural® Way

One concern that many have when hiring an upholstery cleaner is the use of soaps and harsh chemicals, as often times they will leave behind a sticky residue that attracts more dirt and can be harmful to your kids and pets. That is never a concern with Green Start Chem-Dry. We use our own green-certified cleaning solution – The Natural® – to give your upholstery the deep, healthier cleaning that you are looking for. The result of which is an upholstery cleaning that is safe for your kids & pets but also one that dries quickly and resists future soiling.

To give you a picture of what our cleaning process does, think of club soda. There are millions of tiny bubble that break up dirt, grime, and stained trapped within the fibers of your upholstery. These bubbles then carry the dirt to the surface so that our specifically designed equipment can extract the dirt. By using our safe & non-toxic carbonated cleaning solution, we are able to revitalize your furniture for a fresh look and a longer lasting clean. Your furniture will look brighter, cleaner and healthier, bringing a fresh look to the room. No matter what kind of fabric your upholstered furniture has, our cleaning method will work perfectly.