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What Hiring an Expert Means to You

Area and oriental rugs add a beautiful touch to anyone’s home. Just like a well-place wall décor or a nice painting, a fine rug contributes to the character of a room and can complete the furnishing. However, unlike wall décor, area rugs receive a good bit more traffic. Many Centennial, CO homes will place rugs in high traffic areas to help decorate and enliven the space as well as protect these areas. But if the rugs are protecting those area, who will protect the area & oriental rugs.

Much like carpets and furniture, area rugs often act as filters for the indoor air in a home, capturing dirt, allergens & bacteria and stopping these unhealthy components from circulating in the air. The downside of rugs acting as filter is that they hold on to all the elements they trap if they are not maintained and kept clean. Just like an air filter needs to be regularly replaced, area & oriental rugs needs to be regularly cleaned. Green Start Chem-Dry offers the high-quality rug cleaning services that your home needs. We focus on giving your rugs the care and attention to detail that they need in order to restore them to their original beauty and remove the trapped dirty and allergens.

Our wonderful team of cleaning professionals at Green Start Chem-Dry are expertly train to clean all types of rugs including area rugs, Oriental rugs and Persian rugs. Our rug cleaning services use up-to-date equipment specifically designed to handle rugs of any material including synthetic, wool, cotton, silk, and many other materials.

So that we protect the dyes in the fibers of your rugs, we use an effective, yet gentle rug cleaning solution and drying process. We want to make sure that your rugs are full of the same color and vibrancy that they started with. We would never want to leave your rugs looking dull when we finish with them. At Green Start Chem-Dry, we do all that we can to ensure your area rugs look beautiful & fresh in your Centennial area home.

The trouble with some cleaning products used at home or by other services is the residue that they leave behind. This residue attracts more dirt to your rugs and causes them to need more frequent cleanings. Our unique cleaning solution contains no harsh soap, detergents, or chemicals. So you can be sure that there won’t be any sticky, dirt-attracting residues left behind when we clean your area rugs.